Process of making the concept for the Hallway scene

Process of making the concept for the Hallway scene

This will be the type of post where I document the process of working on projects or concepts that I find interesting.


This time it will be the Sci-fi Hallway scene.


First of all, of course, gathering the references.

Then I use VR to enter Gravity Sketch and do some hallway rough sketches + take a few quick shots to choose the right camera angle for the concept.

After discussing the camera angles with the team, I designed some wall options, to figure out the design language for the scene.

After I got the design language, I went into Blender and quickly built a modular asset for Hallway.

Build the scene with the asset I just made.

Play with the light a little bit.

After playing around with it, I rechecked the design language and analyzed the scene again.

After discussing with the client and the team, I started painting over and fixing the scene based on what we discussed. ( change the overall Hallway’s shape, close the door, and add the ceiling turret)

Keep pushing the quality + add more fires and explosives

Add raw colors, and create the overall mood for the picture.
I want this scene to look scary and dangerous at the same time, so I’m going to use dark blue and red as the main colors.

spend some more time trying to push the concept’s quality

And done!

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