In 2023, I had the opportunity to do concepts and
art direction for some scene designs for Hologen Studio’s portfolio.
This studio produces unreal engine scenes for led wall technology used in filming.
These are some of them.

Project Owner: Michael Tea

Art Director & Concept Artist: Hien Le
Assistant Art Director & Lighting Artist: Tri Nguyen
Producer: Tam Nguyen
Generalist producer: Nam Thanh

In Engine Set-up team:
Bao Nguyen
Tin Truong
Technical: Hai Dinh
VFX: Jukerlaw

Some of my concepts!


Some final Images of the scenes + production process shots from the team
all of them were done under my direction and Tri Nguyen’s.

Shout out to the Hologen 3D team!

the outcomes when seen on led wall!
so proud of them

The Sci-fi Hangar scene testing on the Led wall of Brandstar studio